How to Care for Your Farm-Grown Christmas Tree

When a Christmas tree is cut, more than half its weight is water. With proper care, you can maintain the quality of your tree. Below are a number of tips on caring for your tree:

  1. Displaying trees in water in a traditional reservoir type stand is the most effective way of maintaining their freshness and minimizing needle loss problems.
  2. Use a stand that fits your tree. Avoid cutting the sides of the trunk down to fit a stand as the outer layers of wood are the most efficient in taking up water.
  3. Before you leave our farm we will remove a disk of wood from the base of the trunk. This allows the tree to absorb water from the stand more efficiently
  4. Once home, place the tree in water as soon as possible. Most species can go 6 to 8 hours after cutting the trunk and still take up water. Don’t bruise the cut surface or get it dirty.
  5. Check the stand daily to make sure that the level of water does not go below the base of the tree. With many stands, there can still be water in the stand even though the base of the tree is no longer submerged in water.
  6. Keep trees away from major sources of heat (fireplaces, heaters, heat vents, direct sunlight). Lowering the room temperature will slow the drying process, resulting in less water consumption each day.
  7. Use of lights that produce low heat, such as miniature lights or LED’s, will reduce drying of the tree.
  8. Always turn off the tree lights when leaving the house or when going to bed.
  9. Visit the Kerry County Council web page for a tree recycling centres near you